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Baluarte Education provides to Creative economy ecosystem trainings in different formats and dynamics for qualifying entrepreneurs, managers and producers in this sector. Our motivation is to help professionals from the Creative Economy to have more power and achieve better results in their work, improving skills and developing appropriate abilities to creativity business.

Executive MBA in Creative Economy Management – Estácio

Technical Coordination: Baluarte Cultura

Such a rapid expansion of Creative Economy sector poses a challenge – it is necessary to train people for a real understanding of the industry. The course was thought to qualify individuals with a systemic vision of the contemporary challenges and work their skills and fundamental abilities development for a journey of success. Baluarte Cultura mission as Technical Coordination is to promote greater closeness between market and the course, as well as contribute to the academic modeling and faculty training.

Workshop: Results Measurement and Cultural Projects Impacts Assessment

Facilitation: Baluarte Cultura

Workshop: Mensuração de Resultados e Avaliação de Impactos para Projetos Culturais

Activity performed as part of Creativity World Day 2017 agenda in partnership with CRAB-Sebrae Rio de Janeiro. The workshop focused on sharing methodologies for measuring results and assessing cultural projects impacts. Collaborative activity for 20 creative entrepreneurs and cultural producers with experience in projects of social impact and based on tools such as Golden Circle, Theory of Change and Results Logical Array.

SESC School – Cultural Agents Training

Classes ministered by Baluarte Cultura

Escola SESC - Formação de Agentes Culturais

Sesc School of Technical Education opened in 2017 a cycle of Professional Qualification in Cultural Production for cultural agents in Western Rio de Janeiro and Baluarte Cultura was invited to teach 4 classes with different themes, passing by cultural producer conceptualization, creative processes for cultural projects elaboration, technical modeling of cultural projects and evaluation/targeting for culture notices.

Training for Culture Points in Carioca Network


Capacitação para Rede Carioca de Pontos de Cultura

The program Culture Points in Carioca Network, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, covered 50 points of culture spread across 5 city’s planning areas in the first year of the Program Living Culture at Rio de Janeiro. Baluarte Cultura conceived and coordinated a cycle of individual consultants to support 50 points focusing on training for accountability. As a result, Network critical points were mapped and guidelines were established for better accountability, aligning managers to rules compliances required by the program Living Culture.

Carioca Cultural Lab


Laboratório Cultural Carioca

Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall with Municipal Department of Culture promoted the Carioca Cultural Workshop, a training cycle prepared and performed by Baluarte Cultura to qualify the city’s cultural agents. Over a month, 100 cultural agents have been trained through lectures (delivered by experts in different regions of the city: Penha, Center, Méier, and Santa Cruz) and also by individual consultants on various cultural production interest areas (strategic planning, project development, production management, financing, communication, and partnerships). As a result, more than 600 hours of consultancy and a report mapping cultural agents network in their qualifications were performed.

Rio Criativo – Workshop: Mobilizing Resources for Cultural Projects


This activity is part of Rio Criativo’s agenda in November 2017 at Niteroi. We presented a context of the market for corporate sponsorship and processes for mobilizing resources strategically created to make cultural projects viable.

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