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Baluarte Consulting assists companies and projects in social, cultural and sporting investments.

Socio-cultural and Sports Sponsorships Management initial step consists in an immersion for understanding the client’s positioning, values and concerns; and for establishing a Policy for Socio-cultural and Sports Investments, according to each company, which will guide the process of choosing the projects to be sponsored, ensuring that they are aligned with the set policy.

For collective steps, we have engaged employees and associates from different areas and departments as well as from different positions and functions, because we believe like this we can increase and strengthen the company’s vision about its responsibility with society, as well as presents multiple perspectives on the same topic.

Steps for creating Investments Policy are:






1 – Analysis

This step consists in mapping incentive laws' application possibilities at national level (considering federal, state and local laws), or direct budget.

2 – Strategy

This step focuses on creating guidelines strategy for company investments.

3 – Strategic Execution Planning

This step consists in developing income assumptions, evaluation and selection of projects to be sponsored that year, as well as an overall implementation schedule with the specific deadlines of each law.

4 – Implementation

This step refers to all required documentation delivery by the sponsor and documents follow-up necessary from the applicants to take advantage of the incentive laws benefit, and, mainly, to projects implementation monitoring and management during the year.

5 – Evaluation

We have developed in this step the annual report on projects monitoring, for evaluating and revaluating – or amending – the guidelines and procedures for the next year.

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Five years ago we have structured the Policy for Social, Cultural and Sporting Sponsorship in municipal and federal spheres, reinforcing the company’s values in force over 180 years in Brazil. A year ago the group consolidated its investments through the creation of the Plataforma Avante.


The company invests in cultural projects by Rio de Janeiro service tax law. Since 2016, the “True connection among people’, as well as their values and brand goals, has guided the choice of projects that will receive sponsorship. In the last year, there were almost 700 projects received for our analysis.


Based on the company’s guidelines, training activities with a focus on technology and innovation, projects related to health and safety, as well as relationship actions for internal audiences and partners are prioritized, to receive investments via incentive laws.

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